Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog Award
Well another post from me today,I thought I would get to this straight away before tackling the next lot of cards.I received this lovely award from my fellow blogger friend Linda,thankyou so much Linda it is so appreciated.Linda makes beautiful cards,so pop over have a look and say hi.And this award is right back at you Linda and Danielle I noticed Linda has already given it to you. Now there doesn't seem to be any rules with this one,I was going to just let you all grab the award but no one seems to grab it when you do it that way(I am the same) I have had to name you all and link you all.I know I have missed many names,I do apologise and please grab the award.
........LOL.......look at that list and I could keep going,but it would take too long,so if you do not have this award please take it.The award was meant for all of us.Have a great weekend.

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