Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Day with Friends Making Mothers Day Cards

Hi all,well Saturday I had a craft day with my friends,which I mentioned in a previous post......they wanted to come over and make Mothers Day cards.So,Friday I was busy cleaning and making these cards for them to copy,my friends don't colour images when they occasionally craft.I wanted them to experience the fun of colouring and remembered seeing this colouring technique while blogging on quite a few blogs,I knew they would be able to make these,so I made 4 different ones for them.They loved the cards and had so much fun making them,they said that no one would believe that they made they popped a handmade by stamp on the back and wrote their names on them.The design for these cards were cased from Sandi MacIver,she makes the most gorgeous cards with these images,though I have changed them a little and also used brighter colours.I did enjoy making these,so you may see some more cards with these images in the future.Well I best go,it's already 1:15am and I need to start getting to bed at a more reasonable time.Enjoy your week.
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