Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blue Butterfly Stamps - Pin Up Girls

Good afternoon all,well here is my last Pin Up Girl and isn't she a stunner.Being a showgirl,I decided she needed all the glitz and sparkle.......and this is what I came up with.I was going through my stash to find some long lost items that I might use and I found this Metallic Corrugated Board.This was purchased about 3 years ago and never used,I didn't like it after I purchased,but kept it anyway.Well,I am so glad I did, as I really like metallic with this image.If you would like to see this a little clearer,just click on the image.When I upload my images to the post they come out fuzzy,but the original size as you will see is very clear,so no idea what is happening there.Anyway,have a great weekend,I know I will as I am heading off to see Jersey Boys with my friends........OMG I can't wait!!!!

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