Thursday, September 29, 2011

A winner for the prize draw..........

Hi all,my apologies yet again for not getting to the blog when I said I would.I don't know about you,but time seems to be going quite quickly at the moment and nothing seems to go as Anyway,it is 3am here at the moment, my friend arrived about 10.30am(Wednesday) and left about 1.30am this morning(1.5 hours ago) after a huge day of jewellery making.What a FANTASTIC day we had,well I didn't get to make anything as I helped my friend,but she certainly did make alot.We also had a few little errors along the way,I would look at one of her pieces and go WOW that is had missed some of the beads on one side.On another bracelet she missed just one tiny bead and she just did not want to undo she told me to break I got my tools and used one to crush it,well it worked.Anyway a fantastic day and she is already hooked.............I have created a 

Stacey did ask if I was going to be selling my jewellery and yes I have decided to give that a go,I have already sold a few bracelets to the owner of my local gym.I am not sure how I am going to sell these yet,though I do have an online card store that we have had for about a year now,that we have not used,I may put them in there.But,if you are interested and have a few questions just email me at

Well I think I'd better let you all know who won the prize in the last post.It was Charlene Mitchell,congratulations Charlene...............I will email you shortly. I do need to get to bed now,I am so very sorry for not getting to your blogs.I will be going to the gym in the morning and have an appointment in the afternoon,but that is there will be some time for catching up with you all then.

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