Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Award

I received this award a few days ago off Merry,thankyou so much for thinking of me,I really do appreciate it.I visit many talented crafters everyday and Merry is one of them,there is always something new to learn and I am loving the blog hopping for these wonderful new ideas and hints.No matter what our crafting level,I think we all have something to share.If you have time pop over to Merry's fabulous blog and see what she has to share.

The rules link it back to the person who gave it to you, to list 5 things I love to do, and then pass it along to five other people:
1. I love to spend time with my family
2. I love to cook
3. I love cardmaking and scrapbooking
4. I love watching movies
5. I love getting together with my friends

I now pass this award onto Kellie,Tracey,Alicia,Debbie and Linda

I now have another 2 awards to post,they were also given to me this week.I usually try to go through the blogs and see what awards you don't have and give you,I don't have time to do that now,so if you already have the award I have given, feel free to grab one of the others.I am just so confused with the awards over the last 2 weeks........I have no idea what I am

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