Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little Delay
Hi all,I hope you have all been well.I won't be back until Monday now,I still have a few more things to do and my computer has been slowed.I have completed 32 cards,but that is it,it took more time than I expected as well as keeping up with my two girls and the weather being so hot has made it difficult to craft.Also,after logging onto my computer tonight to catch up on some challenge comments I find that my speed has been slowed,so I look at our downloads and everything has been used up.........yeah right considering I haven't been on the computer much this week.The usage says we have used 5500 MB since my last post,which said I was having a break and we have hardly been on the computer,so guess who is getting a call in the morning.The only thing is I don't like my chances of them fixing it, as they always deny everything else that goes wrong and unless we are keeping an extensive log how do we know thay are not ripping us off..........they didn't know I was taking a I have had my say and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the slow speed, even tho you haven't used the internet much!

I'm on one of the highest plans which is supposed to be unlimited, yet halfway through a month I always get my speed slowed. It certainly is a rip-off

*rant over* teehee!

Enjoy your Weekend!!!

Cheryl said...

hi hun
oh hope you get this sorted soon I have had the same problems my internet provider saying I have used far too much yeah right I do the same each day and one month I am well under then the next month they are charging me loads saying I am way over my usage. but as you say we cant prove it,but it is so annoying i agrree just take care hun and try not to worry hugs cheryl xxxxx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Cheryl,
Nice to hear from you. Well done on all the cards you made. I hope you get your broadband problems sorted.
Fiona x

Crafty Dawn said...

Well I am missin you loads. And you haven't shown us your lovely cards.

When you have stuff to do though the comp can be the worst thing to go on, sometimes I am looking at peoples blogs & making comments next thing, the end of the day and haven't done a thing! so I can honestly say I understand keeping away altogether 5 min can easily turn in to a whole day for me lol

But do come back soon

Love Dawn xx

Kylie said...

Yeah, you tell them Cheryl.
Can't wait to see what you show us on Monday. (that's if your internet service doesn't cut you off after you call them. lol)
Kylie xo

Marcia said...

Bummer Cheryl ... you don't have tow or more computers on a network at home do you? If you have a network and it isn't secured, your neighbours can tap in and use your download. Just a thought.

:) Marcia

Merry said...

Good luck with getting your downloads rectified Cheryl. Hope all goes well over the weekend....see you Monday.

Karen.C said...

Hi Cheryl
How frustrating for you I think its time you changed providers and even though it is a pain check your usage every couple of days.
Maybe your sleepwalking and you just don't remember going online in the middle of the night LOL....

Karen xo

Penny said...

have you secured your connection Cheryl?

i know we use heaps of data at our house, but there was one point when we went well and truly over our limit (and it wasnt a plan that slowed..they just charged).. turned out we had a neighbour using our data... nice hey!

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