Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taking a Blogging Break
Hi all,I just wanted to let you all know I have decided to take a blogging break and I will be back blogging again on Friday.I still have so many things I need to make for other people and Christmas is getting near and they have to be finished.I still have 5 journals to make,Chrissy presents for my daughters teachers and 20 more chrissy cards.I love blogging and visiting you all,but it has been taking so much time,I am not getting my crafting done.I find it easier to blog when I don't have any orders to fill and am only making my fun cards,so I will hopefully get all this finished by Friday and I will be back to normal.Have a wonderful week,see you all on Friday.


Karen.C said...

Look after yourself Dear Friend,remember there is only one of you and your very precious.

Karen xo

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck with everything!

Danielle said...

Oh, I hear you Cheryl! I hope you manage to get all your jobs done - we'll miss you but after all, it's only a week!
Take care,
Hugs, Danielle x

Debbie Pamment said...

Enjoy your blogging break and Happy Crafting!!! It can get very time consuming but I have withdrawals if I'm away too long - LOL.

Anonymous said...

take time you need and I'm happy to read you when you finished all you have to do
Good time- read you soon

Vicky said...

Have a productive week Cheryl. See you again on friday!
Hugs, Vicky ~x~

Kellie Winnell said...

Naaaw I understand hun, it seems like you check a few blogs leave a few comments and 2-3 hours has gone and you wonder where! I can't wait for you to return and see everything you have been up to, will be one eye candy after another!

Take Care xx

Mandy said...

Hi hun, enjoy your break and enjoy your crafting. I think taking a break is a good idea, I know I find it hard trying to blog and actually get round to making some crafty bits.
Look forward to you showing your creations when you come back
hugs Mandy xx

JB said...

Hi Cheryl ,

i now blogging takes a lot of
time and time go fast ;)
Enjoy your week , lots of fun
and till next week .

Hugs Jenny

Sharon said...

Gosh you have got alot to do. I am the same with blogging. I get so carried away at looking at other peoples creations that I forget I have my own card orders to make. It's hard dragging yourself away.
Sharon x

Cheryl said...

oh hun have a good break look forward to seeing you back hugs cheryl xxxxx

Kylie said...

Good Luck Cheryl with all your jobs to do. I hope you get everything made and photographed so we can see what you've been up to. No pressure! lol.
Take care, Kylie xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl....have a nice time away. We'll be waiting for your next lovely creation!


Jackie Thomas said...

Don't forget to take time for yourself lovely lady. We will all still be here awaiting your return. xo Jackie

Merry said...

Hope you are able to get all your projects done......lots of luck at staying away from the blog world. I bet it will be sooooo tempting.

Marcia said...

Enjoy yur R&R .... it is the silly season and you deserve the holiday!

Take care, see you then

x Marcia

Alicia said...

Enjoy your break Cheryl. I can totally understand. I have just had one myself! When you get bcak would you mind telling me what type of copics you bought. I have been researching them, but there seems to be so many types and I wasnt sure where to start.
Alicia xx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Cheryl,
You get on with your own stuff. Hope it goes well for you. We'll still be here when you havetime to come back.
Fiona x

Violets Corner said...

Blogging do take a lot of time, so a break is well deserved, especially when you have a lot projects going on. Enjoy your brake and I hope you get some me time too :)

Take care,

warm hugs

strawberry fields said...

Hope your week goes well cheryl.
Totally understand the need for a break. It all takes up so much time doesn't it? Would love your recipes when you have a mo. Love all the stunning cards you've made while I've been away
fiona xx


You are absolutely right to take a break Cheryl - there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, particularly at this time of year. Take care. Hugs, Sylvia xx

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Cheryl - enjoy your break and hopefully youn will get those tasks done - make sure you MAKE the time to enjoy those girls of yours too! See you on Friday-ish! LOL! Take care! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}

Jodi said...

Enjoy your break! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving day!!
Jodi =)

maxine said...

Hi Cheryl good luck, I hope you get all of your crafting done and I look forward to seeing your new creations soon

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