Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bigsby Birthday
Hi all,this card I made a few weeks ago for a birthday party my 4 year old was attending,she picked the image and the colours and was really happy with the end result.She really does love handmade cards and I am looking forward to making more cards with her.Anyway,I just want apologise for not blogging much the last week.I have been really busy and I found out that my Aunt who was very dear to me passed away on Friday,I am vey upset at the moment and just need to let it sink in that I will never see her again.I will try to blog and make cards,but my heart is just not in it at the moment.........though I am going to try and make some cards this afternoon as I really do need to keep myself busy.Thankyou all for your support and friendship,blogging was something I was scared of doing at first,but now I am so glad I did.
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