Monday, November 1, 2010

My Blogging Awards
Hi all,firstly sorry for my absence,I do have a few posts to do today so I will explain all then.I also want to apologise to these two lovely ladies Lynda and Kerry,they posted these awards some time ago and sent them my way and I am only posting them now.Thankyou ladies for thinking of me,these two ladies have been with me from the beginning, and they are still here.....thanks for your support ladies.I must say I really agree with what Lynda said when she recieved her award "I have mentioned many times here that I love the things that the crafting community have bought to my life. Friends (some of whom I may never meet, but feel so close to them it isn't funny), inspiration, creativity and of course lots of laughter." So to all my blogging friends these awards are for you.I really appreciate your friendship,encouragement and inspiration.Please take these awards and pass them on.

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