Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Birthday Cards

Made by my eldest

Made by my youngest

Made by my gorgeous blogging buddy Lynda

Good afternoon,well no time to create over the last few days,there are too many things going on and one of them me being kicked out of my craftroom so my girls could make my birthday cards.My youngest loves to make cards but the oldest not really and always leaves it up to her little sister.Well hubby took the youngest to the craftroom to help her make a card,well that is when the fun got out the inks and sponges etc and I said to hubby you will have to help her and hubby says I don't know what to do with that she knows more than me,how about we use that is what they did.Well all was going well until the eldest decided to go into the craftroom and give her 2 cents worth and help the youngest,well she was not impressed and wanted to do it all by told hubby he had to sort it out because I am not allowed into my room....hehehe.When the card was finished little miss told me to shake the card and she told me there were googly eyes on the butterflies,she is so pleased with her card and I think its GORGEOUS. After that,my eldest decided she was going to make me a card and wanted to use my copics,thats when I started to cringe.Well she did an AMAZING job for someone who doesn't really like to craft.

I also received a GORGEOUS card from my blogging buddy Lynda,thankyou so much I adore this card......I love anything vintage and this is PERFECT!!! Well off to the gym,enjoy your afternoon!!

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