Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A baby Boy Card and some Cooking

Hi all,going to try and make this post have had the flu and am still getting over it,my internet went down and at the moment I am cooking pumpkin soup,slow cooked chicken casserole and have some lemon tea muffins in the oven........oh and after this post need to try and fold the clothes and get them put away.How's that for multi tasking.Anyway,I have been asked to make some baby cards, so started off with this baby boy one,I love this image it is from Digi Doodle Shop and I first saw it on Dora's blog.I loved the cards she made with it,you can see her cards here and here.I have also started a baby girl card with this image,I just need to finish it off with embellishments.The other photos you can see is some of what I cooked last week,pumpkin soup(yes again) and a pumpkin scone loaf........and it tastes so good.You can get the pumpkin scone loaf recipe here if you would like to give it a go.Well,best check on my cooking,will catch up with you all later.Have a good day.

EDIT - I have finished muffins and couldn't work out why they didn't rise and were a little doughy and oh bugger,I forgot the tell me who forgets eggs,I very rarely make a mistake cooking,so going to blame this on being sick and trying to do too to let you know,they still did taste ok.

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