Saturday, September 10, 2011


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We have set up a digi store here to raise money,please stop by and have a look,we also have some prizes up for grabs.

Hi all,this post is to ask for HELP,a friend Lyndall is battling cancer.........and it does not look good at this stage(she has been given 3 years at most),but is getting a second opinion.Lyndall is not going to give up without a fight and so I am asking for help.It might be making her a card(to cheer her up),you may know of a business that wants to donate something for a raffle...........every little bit counts even if it is something small and anything you can do would be fabulous.Below is an email from my good friend,giving us a little info on what Lyndall has been through.........and also a picture of Lyndall and her sweet little 3 year old boy.If you can help in anyway we need the help before the 10th September,it can then be presented to her on the night.Please email me at

A benefit night will be held for Lyndall on the 10th September 2011,click here for the details.

Lyndall is the most incredible and inspiring person I have ever met.
She fought and won her battle with Cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma in her late teens, this battle meant she had to have her finger amputated to totally beat it. Heart breaking as it was. She soldiered on.
This battle took a toll on her, but her can do attitude got her through. Years passed and the cancer lay dormant and what we thought was totally gone.
But this year the rare cancer she had in her late teens manifested its ugly head yet again. This time it came back as a tumour resting on her heart.
For the past 4 months she has undergoing extensive Chemotherapy to try and eradicate it. With baited breathe we have prayed and prayed for yet another recovery. But this time we are not as lucky. Her specialist is of the belief that the tumour is not going to shrink away totally from the chemo and radiotherapy and it remains inoperable. This means that it will most likely start to grow again and may start to spread.
If I can quote from Lyndall during her battle she has said to her family and friends "Believe you me, long before Lorna Jane put it on a t-shirt my mantra has been "Never Give UP!!"We would like to organise a Benefit Night for Lyndall to help her and her family with their financial struggles.

NOTE : WOW,I would just like to say a big thankyou to those that have responded to this post and emailed me with offers of support.I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people,we have had crafters want to make cards for Lyndall,send extra cards to sell,card making kits,a pearl and crystal necklace to sell,offers of digi images some to sell and another pack to raffle off and craft packs for raffling.We are also going to sell some cards(as suggested by some crafters) and the money raised will go to Lyndall,so if you have any spare cards and want to donate them please email me at for the address.If you want to help in anyway please email me,this is easier for me as I would have ready access to your email address.Thankyou.
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