Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A card,jewellery and our kitten named Lilly.......

Hi all,well another long time between posts,my youngest started school on Monday and she seems to be settling in well.I am a little tired at the moment and still trying to get into some sort of routine.I drop the girls off,then head off to the gym,when I get home I tidy up a little,get lunch, play with our kitten Lilly(who BTW wants lots of attention at the and then it is time to pick the girls up.

Anyway,moving on,the card was a commissioned card and they wanted a simple Wedding card in lilac and this is what I ended up with.I wasn't sure of it at first,but it grew on me and the recipient loved it.

The jewellery I also made a while ago,I had no idea what I wanted to make so decided to play around with the beads and these are what I ended up with.

Now last but not least,our little kitten we named Lilly,we picked her up from the RSPCA on Sunday.We were going to get a kitten in a few weeks time for our girls but decided that our youngest needed her now,as we thought having a kitten might help her to settle into school and communicate with the teachers and other children.Our youngest is very quiet and doesn't like to talk to anyone,well the fist day of school she said to the teacher "I have a kitten" she then told the teacher all about her kitten.Lilly is only 10 weeks old and so tiny,even the kitten collar she is wearing is a little too big.The bed she is in is the smallest I could find, and it is not very big either.

Time to go,I am off to pick the girls up shortly and need to disturb poor lilly,who is sleeping on my lap at the moment.Well,enjoy your afternoon.

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