Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's been happening over the last two months......

Hi all,my apologies for not being around,there is so much happening and as usual not enough hours in the day.Well a quick rundown I had 5 teeth removed....yep and......ouch a little sore.I got sick with sinus for nearly five weeks and could not go to the gym and then I got braces,yes you heard right braces.I had been thinking about braces for a few years,but never did anything about it,well my teenage daughter needs to get them so we decided to get them together,with a little push from my husband.Mine are already on and my daughter will get hers in around a week.I am still getting use to them and eating can be a little challenge at time,but I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

During the school holidays we had my daughters friends surprise birthday party at our place and she was wasn't expecting a party to be at our place.I had about 20 people over and her mum and I made her a special One Direction cake,which of course is her favourite band.The cake took quite a few hours to make as we made the british flag completely out of fondant.........we all had a good time and the cake was a hit.

My last bit of news for now is that my friend and I have decided to sell our jewellery at a market,a new venture for us,maybe a little scary,but we are looking forward to it.So since I have been better,I have been trying to build my strength back up at the gym and trying to get a load of jewellery made for the market we will be attending at the end of this month.It is the annual Doll,Bear and craft show that is held at the Museum of Fire in Penrith and the dates 27th and 28th October if you are going to be there come on over and say hello.Well must get some work done,I will leave you with photos of some of our jewellery.Hope to catch up with you all soon.

Our Cake

Roshelle's Jewellery below

Below is all my Jewellery

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