Monday, December 1, 2008

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Well I can now show you everyone's Altered Lunch Tin,we had an absolute ball .There was lots of talking as usual.....LOL....and lots of eating and we also managed to do some money wallets which I didn't get photos of.A couple of the girls had never made anything like this before,but I must say they all did a fantastic job.........they look amazing!!Well done girls!!I did try to get a group photo,we are a bit shy...........I can't blame them I am not one for putting my photo up as you can tell.Though,I am sure you will all be happy enough with our creations. Have a go at making one, they are that much fun we all want to do another one. They also make a lovely gift. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Penny said...

Which one is yours, and which is Sandra's.
I bought a tin today... i will aim to "decorate" it in the new year! great photos!

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