Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Again
Hello all,I have been busy for the last two days getting my daughter ready and packed for her school camp.We had to be up at 4.15am this morning as she had to be at school by 5.30am so they could leave at 6.00am.I am quite tired today, my poor husband took her and he couldn't get back to sleep when he came home and he is working late tonight, so he is going to be very tired when he gets home.My friend is also coming over for her baby shower invites this afternoon and I am sure she will like them,I will post a card today but it will be late this afternoon and then catch up on some blog hopping.Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

hope you will get a minute free to have a lillte nap :-)

Enjoy all and hugs

Marcia said...

School camp ... that brings back memories! Hope you got a kip in this arvo.

:) Marcia

Merry said...

What an early start to a school camp. I bet she will have a ball and you will notice a quiet house.

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