Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Goody Bags
Hi all,sorry I haven't been here the last couple of days,I finally used all of the extra download speed my internet provider gave me,so I haven't been able to visit.The good news is my speed allowance comes back on the 14th,so I took this opportunity to start on my Christmas Goody bags...........I make these for my daughters teachers and for people I don't know what to buy.I spent all day Friday baking and made chocolate chip cookies and honeycomb with chocolate which you can see in the pictures above..........I still have to dress the bags up,but will do that later.I also have to make gingerbread men,candy cane cookies and chocolate slice I will start those tomorrow.After baking Friday I spent the evening cooking for a BBQ lunch we had on Saturday and then when that was finished we had to go out for the evening,so I am pretty tired.The bag was made for my daughters teacher and when all the baking is done it will be filled with a bag of each,this Santa was originally made into a card a few posts ago and I decided to make another to see how it would look on a bag and I love how it turned out.Well hopefully you can get some ideas from this,enjoy your weekend and I will see you all on Monday the 14th.
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