Friday, December 4, 2009

More Christmas Cards
Hello all,I have been very busy the last two days.Yesterday my daughter had her High School orientation day which I thought only went for one hour.......silly me,it went from 9am - 12pm and then I had to do some grocery shopping.This morning we had to go to an assembly for my daughter and she received a gold award,we are so proud of her and for the rest of today I have been cooking and tidying a little for guests I will be having over tonight.So I will probably catch up with you all tomorrow,but I wanted to show you this card,it is so elegant and so quick to make.I originally saw this on Becca Feeken's blog Amazing Paper Grace and she is listed under overseas blogs I like to visit, if you want to have a look.I don't know if I have copied it exactly,I can't remember as I saw it quite a while ago,but I thought I would show you so you could have a go at making some quick Christmas cards.Well must go,thanks for stopping by.
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