Monday, February 8, 2010

3D Flower Card
Good afternoon all,sorry I have been missing for a while.To cut a long story short,I have been staying up way to late since having to make all those Christmas cards and invitations back in November and it finally caught up with me.I also had the slumber party,school things to organise,was going to the gym for about an hour a day and trying to blog and make challenges on time,oh and don't forget all the housework etc.........all on 4 to 5 hours sleep a night.I still have my nephew's scrapbook album to do and I am in the process of making my dear friends Wedding invtations,45 of them(when she chooses out of the 3 designs I sent).I was getting so tired,I couldn't craft my brain was just my mojo went on holiday.I have decided I need to just do what I can for now and make sure I get a good sleep each night,I am still tired but not as bad as I was.Anyway,enough about me I made this card for the blog Top 50+ Cardmaking Blogs in Australia,they are asking if we could make Mother's Day cards to send to our troops overseas so they can post home to their mums.I thought it was a really nice idea, so I am in the process of making some cards,they are going to be fairly simple so that I can get a few done.I have popped each of these flowers up on 3d foam and it looks so much prettier IRL.If you would like to send some cards, check out the details here.
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