Friday, October 22, 2010

A Card For Daniel
Hi everyone,yeah its the weekend and the end of a busy week for me.Last night I had my Mother-in-Law over for dinner.Today has been for shopping for extra groceries,going to the gym,making Lasagne for tomorrow night's dinner and baking pink cupcakes with my little one(I did promise).Tomorrow I have my family coming over for my brother's birthday dinner and Sunday I have a Christening.Anyway,I have made a few cards this week,but I wanted to show this one first.This card was made for Daniel,he is the son of Claire from Crafty C's Crafting Library and she is asking if anyone would like to make her son a card to cheer him up.Daniel turns 13 years old on the 7th November,he is on the Autistic Spectrum suffering from Aspbergers Syndrome. Basically its the inability to socialise or interact socially with others.You can read the read of the story here.Now Daniel loves Spongebob,so I just had to make him a Spongebob card.I googled Spongebob colouring pages and got this image,I also googled fonts and to my surprise got this Spongebob can get it here if you want it.

The card drive and blog candy is still on for Elise as well,I would love to get more cards.If you have time please make a card for Daniel and Elise.If you really don't have time,maybe you could blog about it and let others know who may have time to make some cards.Thankyou to those that are or have made a card,I really appreciate you taking the time to make someone smile.Cards may seem simple,but to someone who is going through a rough time,it can mean the world.Thanks for stopping by.
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