Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beccy's Place - Ballerina Bear
Hi all,I have been busy the last few days.Yesterday morning I had a dear friend visit and I showed her how to make some paper flowers and as soon as she left I had to get ready to go to a wedding.......which by the way was fantastic and near the beach.We got home at about 1am,but I didn't get to bed until about 2am.....I just had to shower after all that dancing.Today I went to a papercraft show and of course blew the budget,but oh the bargains I got......might have to take a picture and show you all later.Tomorrow I finally get to go to the copics certification course and am looking forward to it,I did meet the lady who is running the class at the papercraft now I know am quite tired,so I best get some sleep tonight......I  will need to be on the ball tomorrow.Well,I better get onto this card. I made this for my mum's birthday which was in October,using a free image from Beccy's Place........just love her images and even better they are free.I am still loving the all white,I can't believe how quickly I get these all white ones done.Well best go,my daughter has a swimmimg survival course for the next 4 days,so I have to go out and get the snack food for her to take with her.I know I am going to need quite a bit,I tell you when they get into high school all they want to do is eat,sleep and go on the a life.Will do some blogging later this evening,thanks for stopping by.
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