Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Party,a cake,some face painting and a card...............

Hi all,I am still here,I thought I should take a little time to let you all know what has been happening.We have had parties and nights out to attend,lots of school activities,personal matters to attend to and the usual house cleaning etc.My little miss is also off school at the moment,I had to pick her up Monday afternoon after she vomited in the classroom and it got worse.By the evening she just could not stop vomiting, even though she hadn't had anything to eat, and had had very little to drink.She finally stopped vomiting on Tuesday night at around 6pm,that was the last one.She still has not eaten and it has now been 2.5 days,though I think she is ready to eat something little for dinner,but I may keep her home tomorrow as she is still weak from being sick.

Well at least she got to enjoy her birthday party before she got sick,which is what all the photos above are about.This was also what kept me busy,I made the cake(yes the castle cake)I was so happy with how it turned out and everyone at the party loved it.It took me about 3 days,I started by making a mud cake with a recipe from a cookbook called Family Circle Making Beautiful Cakes.I covered the 2 layers with white fondant icing,then I used skewers to attach the smaller cake to the top of the larger one.All of the turrets,doors and windows are purchase them as a set and it is called Wilton Castle Cake Set.The turret points have been covered in yellow fondant icing and the turrets are glued down with white fondant.I piped around the door and windows and handmade all of the yellow flowers and I purchased the pink flowers.I tinted some royal icing green and used that for the grass,which also helped to keep the turrets in place and then I just popped all of the flowers on.Finally I used royal icing for a path and bordered that with flowers and then used a Princess Belle doll that I purchased at Toys R Us.I also made all of the cupcakes and had all sorts of other party food.To entertain the kids we had a beautiful Disney Princess jumping castle and a fantastic face painter,which the adults also enjoyed.Last of all the birthday card,my little miss loves Belle and loves yellow,so that became the theme for the card and party.I had no time for colouring an image so I found an image that I liked printed it and then cut it out............what a time saver and what's more,the card was a hit.

A large post from me,I had to make up for being do have some other cards to show,but I think I will leave that for another day,when my youngest is better.Thankyou all for hanging around, I will catch up with you early next week when little miss is better and after my husbands birthday.
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